Thursday, May 5, 2011

Garry's mod

Always wanted to be in a world where you can create what you want ?
This dream is now possible with garry's mod !
Even if it's old, it's still a pleasure to play this "game" : Built on the source engine, it let the user make everything he wants from a simple boat with some wooden plate and thrusters to a complex helicopter based on the control theory.
Moreover there is a lot of mods like 
  • Fort wars where you have to build a fort to protect yourself while you keep the ball in the fort
  • Flood mode where you have to survive against enemies when all you have is weapons and a boat
  • Race : You build your own car and fight against other players !
  • RP : play role play in a city (not my favourite)
  • Maybe the best mode : Sandbox : build what you want !

Here are an example of the thing you can make in the sandbox : by placing baloons on something you can make a ballooning.
With some plates and elastics you can make a catapult.
With a sensors and a turret you can design your own killing machine !

And a lot more...

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